Hello, and welcome!  My name is Julia and my hope is that you find information on these pages that will  peak your interest and inspire you to live your best life 🙂

I am not a medical expert by any means; I am a mother (of five beautiful adult children), a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, looking for answers and ways to live my life in excellent health both physically and emotionally.

As the years go by and I continue learning more about how living “in the fast lane” effects the quality of life and health, I have an ever growing desire to live “slowly” and strip my life down to the basics.  In particular with food; cutting out most, if not all, processed foods and consuming “real food” that is organic and Non-GMO.  It takes more time to prepare meals from scratch, but when you understand how much goodness you are feeding your body by doing so, it is actually very rewarding.

With the rampant rise of cancer and other deadly diseases, we just have to look at what we are putting into our bodies, on our skin, and using in our homes.  Cancer has become very up close and personal in our family and that has been a catalyst for my  quest.

We have to figure out what we, as modern day people, have done to create this beast.  We have to find ways to counteract this growing trend and the more I discover, the more I find that Nature holds the key.

My values have changed, my lifestyle has changed, my kitchen has changed and I have changed.  I am excited to uncover more and more miracles both in the food I eat and in myself.

I am heading into the pink!


You can find my disclosure and disclaimer HERE.

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