Hooked on Lemon Essential Oil!

Get that Lemon Oil in and on your body!


Love, love, love the taste of my pure filtered drinking water with a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil. It makes the 8-10 glasses a day go down so well! If I am out and about and need to hydrate with water at a restaurant then Lemon Oil not only gives the tap water a much better taste but it also purifies and alkalizes it. Now that’s what I am talking about!

On a personal note:  I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils, especially for ingesting.

By adding 2-3 drops of lemon oil to a glass of water before a meal, you may find that it aids with digestion, and best of all may help with your weight-loss efforts by boosting that ol’ metabolism. Plus it has no calories!  Yeah!

Tip: only use a real glass “glass”, no plastic or throw aways, as Lemon oil WILL dissolve items made from petrochemicals and Styrofoam.

Now that is just the tip of the lemon iceberg… want to hear more?

  • Suffer with nail fungus?  Apply a few drops of lemon oil to the affected nail several times a day, it may help clear it up.