DIY Deodorant


Yup, that is what I said… deodorant made in your very kitchen, no nasties in it, and the best part… IT REALLY WORKS!

I have to admit I was very sceptical when I first started this venture and made sure I always had my store bought stick deodorant as a back up. However, as time progressed and stinky pits was not a part of my daily experience, my confidence in this natural product has sky rocketed LOL.  I really wanted to get away from all the chemicals in commercial deodorants (aluminum, paragons, Propylene Glycol, TEA & DEA, Triclosan etc.) and finally I can!

I live in Canada, freezing in the winter and roasting in the summer. Hence the need for two variations of the same product. One that doesn’t turn into a cement like structure in the winter, and one that is not drippy in the summer. This is because coconut oil is the base for this recipe and it has a melting point of 24 °C (76 °F). No worries though, I have that covered!

In the Pink’s DIY Deodorant

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